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Film & Animation 

"Delicious Light" trailer, made at CalArts, 2018

Beyond Pixel DigiSpa Thesis Project, CalArts, 2022

"Censorship" made at CalArts, 2018

ProForce Project, 2022

"Cosmic American Blues" Animated Segment, 2020

"Holiday" music video for Overjoy, 2016

"Super Moon" video art 2016

"Don't make me come downt here" Senior Project Film, Bard College 2015

"Caketrope" made at Calarts 2019

Other Projects

Directing :

Tsunami by Jen Awad, 2020. 

Editing :

Latina Mag "Kablito on Finding Her Voice and Breaking Stigmas" video titles 2020.

Amber Marks "Softly" music video titles, 2021.

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